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What is Digital Fitness token ( Cryptocoin)


What is Digital Fitness (DEFIT) | What is Digital Fitness token | What is DEFIT token

In this article, we’ll discuss information about the Digital Fitness project and DEFIT token

DEFIT – The 1 Digital Fitness Cryptocurrency

What is 360Wellness?

360Wellness™ is the Next Generation of Digital Wellness. A groundbreaking decentralized Fitness and Wellness marketplace connecting people with professionals all over the world to stay Fit & Healthy at home. Turning everyone’s living room into their own at-home-fitness studio. Providing a powerful suite of mobile and web solutions to reset the world with wellness post-pandemic. Making everyone’s journey meaningful via the introduction of a revolutionary lifestyle tracker developed in close collaboration with sport scientists and wellness industry experts to monitor how well you train, eat, feel and sleep all in one place



DEFIT is the cryptocurrency coin built for mass adoption by 360Wellness fast growing community of trainers and users globally. Our mobile application has already been downloaded across 172 countries since its soft-launch last October. DEFIT aims to provide the community their own digital currency as a secured, reliable, fast payment alternative to fiat currencies to proceed transactions. Dodging all complications related to multi-currency portfolio management and avoiding traditional bank and store fees for their digital goods and physical services offering. Enabling in-app gamification, enhancing user privacy and building user loyalty through staking and exclusive benefits.

Answering an Immediate Need

Health and Fitness Professionals

The global pandemic and lockdown measures across the world forced the fitness, and more largely, wellness industry to reinvent itself. It has exposed the lack of resilience and risk for millions of fitness, yoga etc. instructors to rely solely on personal training sessions and physical group classes, bootcamps etc.

In turn accelerating the digitalisation of their services via live streaming and digital assets such as e-books and pre-recorded workout videos to open up a new era for the fitness industry.

We saw an opportunity to build the ideal platform to address their major pain points: Marketing & Technology.

Building a unique wellness marketplace concept fully integrated in a complete user-centric ecosystem that offers them an online space to exist by themselves and grow their brand, sell their services, manage their schedule, finances and develop their client database.

**World Population **

COVID19 has affected all aspects of our lives and the constant news about the pandemic can feel never-ending. It’s easy to slip into the habit of sleeping late, spending all day in pyjamas, snacking more than usual and eating junk, but looking after ourselves has never been as important. A healthy and active lifestyle for developing a strong immune system is the first barrier to fight-off infection and chronic diseases. Paradoxically governments have and continue to constrain people in their homes and shutdown gyms and other wellness facilities.

The Boom of Online Fitness Worldwide

The #stayhome campaign pushed people to shift to online fitness by finding new ways to stay fit and active at home.

Europe on average has seen an increase of “home workout” in searches of 550% during lockdown. This heat map highlights the key regions leading the home workout trend.

Similar figures have been observed in all other regions of the world ranging between 350 to 650%. In the U.S, Colorado comes out on top with roughly 1 out of every 1293 people Googling for a new training routine. Rhode Island comes in at a close second place with roughly 1 out of every 1309 people searching to adapt their workout at home

Even as gyms begin to welcome back guests, the at-home workout phenomenon is here to stay. According to Phillippa Lally; a health psychology researcher at University College London, a new habit usually takes a little more than 2 months — 66 days to be exact — and as much as 254 days until it’s fully formed. What started as a necessity became a new lifestyle for hundreds of million with only 25% to 30% of people estimated to go back to in-person classes only , with the rest set on working out online or embracing a new hybrid mix of training regimen.

Our Value Proposition

Technology: In-app integration of most popular live broadcasting solutions focused on delivering seamless user experience

Monetization: In-app payment solution through Apple, Google, Stripe in-app purchase API integration and upcoming $DEFIT alternative

Scheduling: In-app calendar and scheduling features for self-planning activities

Promotion: In-app live classes personalized recommendations



Total Supply: 50,000,000



BUY: Top-up your DeFit wallet through our blockchain integration

EARN: Invite your friends and complete goals and challenges

SPEND: Join live workouts, book your next PT session and bootcamp

HOLD: Hold it to reach the next level and unlock exclusive benefits




Basic Pass: 5% discounts on merchandising and sport apparel and accessory from partner brands


Hold 100 $DEFIT

Basic Pass: 10% discounts on merchandising and sport apparel and accessory from partner brands


Hold 300 $DEFIT

VIP pass: 15% discounts on merchandising and sport apparel and accessory from partner brands


Hold 500 $DEFIT

VVIP pass: 20% discounts on merchandising and sport apparel and accessory from partner brands


Hold 1,000 $DEFIT

VVVIP pass: 30% discounts on merchandising and sport apparel and accessory from partner brands


DEFIT Staking is a flexible staking contract for ERC20 tokens.

Simple, Secure and Dynamic.


Get ready to kickstart your journey with DEFIT and collect our evolutive and exclusive NFTs.

Our design team is currently working with some of the best in the space to bring to life some incredible artwork.

Sneak peek coming soon. Stay tuned!

How and Where to Buy Digital Fitness ©?

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